Monday, 22 August 2011


We'll be taking the stage at 8pm tonight for the Against Me! show at The Mod Club in Toronto. Come Early, Stay Late!

Volume is power

Thursday, 18 August 2011


This is the floor in my workshop - every time i look down I develop a sudden urge to listen to Stone Roses. Not such a bad thing....

Monday, 8 August 2011


Jordan has an early 60's Roy Smeck hollowbody that he rarely gets to use 'cause it hums and squeals and is far too cool to stay in tune. But he's using it anyway. Not even the grounding issue has stopped him - as you can see he's taped a wire from the pickup to his shoulder to stop one of it's pesky hums, finally becoming the part-guitar-part-man-part-electrical-tape-beast that he always felt he should be. The transition is complete. Guitarman cometh.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Something old something new something borrowed something blue ish....

Yet another shot from Shawn Bradley's fadernoise productions studio.  Birthday Boys were recording new tracks a few weeks ago, this pic is during the recording of Something for Nothing.

I'm playing a 1985 Maco Traditionals tb-1, ever heard of it? nor had I.  It was purchased in San Diego and the strings hadn't been changed since the late 80's!!!!!!!!! it sounded like a dying muskrat gasping for it's last beautiful breath.  Ugly, but perfect in it's defeat I suppose.  The pickups were loose and partially hanging out.  It was last used on Mellowdrone's Glassblower in 2000 in LA.

Check out the studio and all things fadernoise here

Stay tuned for more tidbits of information that you wont need until someone asks if you know us, which you will, because we'll be huge.  They'll  be all like, "oh hey, do you know this awesome band Birthday Boys"? Then you'll be all like "heck yeah, did you know the guitar in something for nothing was blah blah blah..." get it? Uber cool, that's what I thought.