Friday, 11 January 2013


We've been busy - I swear. 

From the looks of this page, all has been silent in the Birthday Boys camp - but blogs can be deceiving. I'll fill you in, but first let's get to the business at hand - Birthday Boys will play their first show since the summer, next Friday (January 18) at The Red Dog in Peterborough, ON. We've been getting together to shine our boots and mend our leather jackets, trading coiffing techniques and debating our desired decibal level (will we be fucking loud, or REALLY fucking loud?). Oh, and we've been making a great deal of noise on the side - because if you can't back it up, all the leather in the world won't save your sorry ass. 

We're thrilled to have our good friends in THE SHOTGUN WEDDING BAND and BROTHER HOWLIN' on the bill - both great purveyors of rockandroll. Come early, Stay late. Let your 'friends' know you're going via the obligatory Facebook page - here.

Now, as for that update on our whereabouts... we have all been busy making music - Jordan has been to Nashville so many times he can drive there with his eyes closed (so if you're on I-65 and you see a blue Toyota coming at you - get your ass in the ditch - he only brakes for sodas and smokes, and you are neither), and Graeme is hours away from completing a solo-record which should see a release in 2013. Our trusty engine, Matt and Jeremy, have been rhythmetizing everything we throw at them, and both working on projects on the side (Matt is part of the first act of the night - BROTHER HOWLIN' - do yourself a solid and get down for that). All the while we've been keeping the BIRTHDAY BOYS train oiled and ready for a night such as this. See, we have been busy. 

Now, I'm not one to start rumours, but I'll give it a shot: in the midst of all this action, there are whispers of a release from BIRTHDAY BOYS in 2013... don't tell anyone - that would be gossip.